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The partnership between Ability Tree First Coast and the communities in Northeast Florida is the cornerstone of its future. We are committed to meeting the needs of the special needs community by offering Recreation, Education, Support, and Training. Our organization’s approach to excellence in the family’s development, socialization, and support is its hallmark.

As Ability Tree First Coast grows its roots deeper into this region, our programs will provide various opportunities for our families to be supported, included, and educated. We currently offer SociAbility Meet Ups, respite through our Parents Night Out & Parents Day Out, as well as provide a summer day camp: CampAbility Special Day Camp. We also promote inclusion in the community by offering trainings & presentations/assemblies which provide awareness & strategies for churches, businesses, schools, and organizations to assimilate these families into their visions. In the future, we will offer activities including sensory-friendly activities, sibling groups, workshops, after-school care.

Our Team

Joanne Alicea

Joanne is our Chief Executive Officer and the parent of a spunky boy with Down syndrome and a creative teenage girl with ADD & Learning Disability. Joanne believes in the collaboration of individuals, families, and the communities they live in, to work together to create a culture of support, inclusion, and personal growth. She does presentations on disability awareness in various settings, including symposiums, churches, hospitals, business groups, and schools. With Joanne’s background in case management & support coordination, she provides great insight for those needing to understand more about disability resources and education.

Beth Sullivan

Beth is our lead teacher for CampAbility Special Day Camp. She has 30+ years of experience working with children with special needs in the school system and in the community. She also provides supports to teens and adults through respite, companionship, personal supports, and supported living. She has a desire for individuals to reach their fullest potential. She has experience with behavioral management and medically complex individuals. She is certified in CPR/AED/First Aid, as well as Medication Administration.

Jesenia Alicea

Jessenia ‘Jesse’ is our teacher’s assistant for CampAbility Special Day Camp. She had been volunteering with our camp for the first 4 years of its inception, and then was added to our staff in 2020. She is certified in CPR/AED and is in her senior year of the Teaching Academy at her high school. Jessenia is pursuing a career in ESE education. In addition to the volunteer work she does with ATFC, she has a younger brother with Down syndrome. Jessenia’s experience working with children with special needs makes her a valuable asset to our team.


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