Our Programs and Events

Day Camp

The mission of CampAbility Special Day Camp (our Kids Camp & Youth Camp) is to provide educational and recreational summer services to children & youth with special needs in a fun and safe environment. We have two camp groups: one for kids (entering kindergarten – 5th) and one for youth (6th-12th grades). We also offer summer camp sessions to the elementary-aged siblings!

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Meet-Ups give special needs families opportunities to do fun activities and listen to guest speakers in the community with accommodations and without judgment. Meet-Ups also allow families to develop a support system of other families who’ve “been there” as well as build relationships with the Ability Tree team. These Meet-Ups are for all ages.

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Socials provide an avenue for teens & adults to be in a comfortable environment where they can develop meaningful friendships while doing activities, enjoying meals, and/or dance the night away! The socials are open to teens and adults with disabilities, as well as local buddies in order to promote inclusion.

Parents Day/ 
Night Out

At Parents Day/Night Out, children with special needs and their siblings make new friends, play fun inclusive games, enjoy crafts, stories, accessible activities, and much more! Meanwhile, parents get a break from their ongoing care-giving responsibilities for THREE to FOUR HOURS!

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Training churches, businesses, schools, etc. is necessary to bring about acceptance and inclusion for those with special needs. The majority of the 56 million Americans living with a disability are neglected by their communities. Among church-attending special needs families, 86.5% said that their church needs more training about disability. In the workforce, only 18% of persons with a disability are employed because of the many myths about abilities, cost benefits, etc. For more details, email us or call us at 855.288.6735 ext. 5.


We will be partnering with local venues to have community events periodically throughout the year so stay connected to us through Facebook . These events are always open to the public, and accommodating to individuals & families impacted by disabilities.

Future Programs

After-School Program

Our After-School Program will be similar to the summer camp, in that Ability Tree First Coast will provide activities to elementary-aged children with special needs in a fun and safe environment. Siblings are welcome.

Siblings Program

Our program for siblings impacted by special needs will include a variety of fun activities and breakout sessions that focus on them being the “star” (which to our MVPs and parents this is what they are). They are the hidden heroes in the family many times, and they need opportunities to be the center of attention. This program will also include mentoring, advocacy, and future planning.